NP Retail overview

NP Retail is a solution that combines the functionalities of the POS and ERP systems built on the base of Business Central. The framework enables synchronization of data across different channels to offer practical insights to small and mid-sized businesses and assistance with improving overall customer service.

At the core of NP Retail is a POS store. Each POS store contains multiple POS units used for conducting business. Daily work on POS involves going through the entirety of the sales cycle, which consists of preparing the opening POS balance, conducting the sales (while redeeming coupons and vouchers where appropriate), and finally performing the end-of-day procedure - posting the sales and syncing all relevant information with the ERP database. All these processes will be revisited in more detail in this training manual.


NP Retail uses and expands some of Business Central’s core functionalities with modules that enable you to:

  • Keep track of orders, transactions, and vendors
  • Monitor and record inventory levels, and set up automatic replenishment processes
  • Improve financial management – optimize all routines associated with accounts, budgets, and postings
  • Improve customer retention with coupons and vouchers
  • Manage documents, including ledgers and accounts
  • Configure the mobile point of sale solution
  • Take control over the hardware components required for the POS module (e.g., printers, scanners and displays)
  • Create product variations (sets of options such as size and color)