Fictional company profile

This tutorial guides you through the different components of NP Retail and outlines the recommended setup for common processes and scenarios in a fictional company. The purpose of building a case study around a fictional company is to instruct you how to navigate the most common scenarios in NP Retail in a more relatable way.

Bring It to You Retail Store Ltd.

Bring It to You Retail Store Ltd. is a fictional fashion store that started in 2001 in Denmark but expanded to Sweden and Serbia in 2020. They started out selling clothes, but later added jewelry to their product portfolio. Now they have 100 employees, 50 of which work in their physical stores, while the rest are in the head office.

They have 3 stores in Denmark, and 2 in Sweden and Serbia respectively. Each store has 2 POS units attached to integrated credit terminals and mobile payment solutions. They also sell products online, and have a click & collect solution in place, so their customers can place orders online and pick up the purchased items in their store of choice.

Bring It to You Retail Store Ltd. wants to provide a fully localized omnichannel solution compliant with the financial legislation to their customers, which is why they have introduced NP Retail into their business. Their goal is to:

  • Facilitate a smooth operation for managing customers and vouchers. A voucher purchased in their online store needs to be redeemable in their physical stores as well, which is why they need to link their online solution to the POS.
  • Regularly set up campaigns or special offers to incentivize their customers. Causally, the NP Retail module enables them to conduct campaigns.
  • Introduce discount coupons to their solution, which they can distribute to customers when specific conditions are met.
  • Enable full customization of sales tickets, receipts, and invoices for each store.
  • Support prices and discounts for specific groups of customers, B2B or wholesalers, whereby the group of customers benefits from cheaper or discounted prices.