EFT setup

This topic goes through the process of setting up Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) for various terminal types and integrations.

A store can have multiple different types of terminals/EFT methods that use different integrations with the POS. To get these to work with the POS, the following components and administrative sections need to be set up.

Pepper setup

The Pepper terminal integration can be used for a wide variety of terminals. There are different ways to connect the terminals, so most setups are a variation of the one provided in further text. For more information on the terminals supported in the integration, refer to the Treibauf Pepper Library check list.

To set up the Pepper terminal integration, take the following actions in the indicated order:

  1. Import the Pepper Terminal Package
  2. Set up a new Terminal Type
  3. Set up a Pepper terminal
  4. Set up button to install Pepper
  5. Set up additional Pepper Card Types
  6. Set up Pepper payment with additional parameters


When using NETS BAXI/Viking integrations, there are two different ways of communicating with the terminal, either through the NETS Cloud, or directly between the POS and the terminal.

Set up NETS Cloud integration

Adyen Cloud setup

Adyen as the terminal provider is set up with the Adyen Cloud integration. Both the terminal and the POS are required to establish the connection to the Adyen Cloud.

Set up Adyen Cloud integration


MobilePay is a Danish app used for making payments/transfers through the phone. By integrating MobilePay with the POS, you will significantly simplify the payment process. Customers will be able to scan a QR code, and the POS will register the payment automatically, which ensures its successful processing.

Set up MobilePay integration


With Softpay integration, you can use an Android device as a Payment Terminal, if the device has NFC.

Set up Softpay integration

External Terminal

You can use the External Terminal integration, either as an additional security measure when using terminals that are not integrated with NP Retail or as backup with additional information. It can also be used if another EFT Transaction is lost between the EFT Terminal and the POS where you can see that the terminal has accepted the transaction, but there are no other ways to transfer from the EFT Terminal to the POS.

Set up external terminal integration


Flexiiterm is used for integrating NaviPartner with the older NETS PSAM terminals, e.g., Ingenico IPP350 terminals.

Set up Flexiiterm integration

EFT Bin mapping

In most Terminal Integrations (other than Pepper Integration and External Terminal) the EFT Mapping Group List is used for mapping various credit cards to the POS Payment Methods so that the payments can be posted correctly in the POS Posting Setup.

  1. Set up EFT BIN mapping
  2. Set up a new EFT BIN group

EFT Operation

In the POS Menu there is a POS action EFT_OPERATION_2, which can be used to perform different functions on different terminals. These actions include reconciling the terminal, downloading/checking for updates, and checking connection or voiding the previous transactions.

Set up EFT operation