Set up POS units

A POS unit is a central part of the Retail solution. It consists of hardware and software components that enable services and item sale transactions at retail locations. In brief, POS units automate the transaction process and tracking of important sales data. As the next step of the POS Academy course, two POS units in the Denmark branch store need to be created and set up.

To create new POS unit, follow the provided steps:

  1. Click the Lightbulb button, enter POS Unit List, and choose the related link.
  2. Click New to create the first POS unit. The POS Unit Card is opened.
  3. Populate the necessary fields.
Field NameDescriptionExample
No.The unique code for the POS unit.01
NameThe name of the POS unit.POS Unit DK-01
POS Store CodeThe POS Store to which the POS Unit is attached.01
POS Default POS BinThe payment bin (cash drawer) that will be used by the POS unit. It’s recommended to use the same number as the one provided in the POS Unit No.01
Department CodeThe global dimension assigned to all entries from the store. As the POS unit is attached to POS store 01, dimension 01 is used. If the business needs to track transactions in the General Ledger per POS unit, you can define subdimensions for analysis purposes.01
Field NameDescriptionExample
Project CodeA global dimension.Global Dimension 2 is not used by Bring It to You Retail Store Ltd.
POS TypeThe type of POS Unit to be used.Full/Fixed
StatusThe status of the POS unit.The field is updated automatically by the system.

After setting up the POS units, you need to also configure the relevant POS profiles.