Set up payment methods

The POS Payment Method Card is where you define what payment method is going to be accepted on the POS.


Field NameDescriptionExample
CodeThe code given to the POS Payment Method (e.g., CASH, AMEK, DINERS, GV - Gift Voucher).
DescriptionThe short description of the payment method.
Processing TypeThe manner in which the POS Method is processed. Many reports are based on this field, so it’s important to provide the adequate type carefully. You can choose between: Cash, Voucher, Check, EFT, Payout & Foreign Voucher.
Return Payment Method TypeSpecify which payment method will be returned as change on concluded transactions.K (Cash)
Block POS PaymentIf you wish to stop using a POS payment method that has been used in the past, you can activate this option.Disabled
Open DrawerSpecifies if the drawer will be opened after the POS transaction ends when the selected POS Payment Method is used in transaction.
Bin for Virtual-CountThis field is used if you set a POS payment method to be self-counted and you don’t need to count it manually.
Include in CountingDetermines if the POS Payment Method will be counted when you perform balancing.
Currency CodeIf you use a foreign currency, you will need to set the currency code here.
Fixed RateYou can specify the Fixed Rate which will be used to convert 100 units of foreign currency into local currency. Example: 1 FCY = 6.15 LCY, hence the value to be inserted = 100 x 6.15 = 615 instead of 6.15.
Use Standard Exchange RateInstead of defining a fixed rate in the POS Payment Card itself, you can use the Business Central currency rate, defined in Currencies.
POS CondensedAs the transactions are posted from POS Entry into General Ledger, you can set that the posting for payment be consolidated for that POS Payment Method.Specifying a custom posting description requires the Post Condensed option to be set to TRUE.
Condensed Posting DescriptionSet description of the entry by using different syntax.%1 -> POS Unit No; %2 -> POS Store Code; %3 -> Posting Date; %4 -> POS Period Register No; %5 -> POS Payment Bin Code
Zero as default on pop-upWhen you move to the POS Payment View, the system will suggest an amount to be paid based on the sub-total of all sale lines. If this flag is enabled, the pop-up which usually appears with the sub-total amount will not have a suggested figure. Instead, it will show zero amount.Disabled
Auto End SaleWhen completing a payment and receiving sufficient cash or any payment method to cover the sale amount, the system automatically completes the sale and returns to the POS Sale View, ready for the next sale.Enabled
No Min Amount on Web OrdersSpecifies if there is a limit for the Minimum Amount for the selected POS Payment Method on Web Orders.Disabled
Warning pop-up on ReturnIf activated, you will get a warning message on the POS when a return is being performedDisabled
Rounding PrecisionThe specified rounding precision depends on what the lowest change supported by the business is. This difference will be created as a rounding figure on the ticket.0.50
Rounding TypeDetermines how the figures are rounded.Nearest In this case, you will round to the nearest 0.50 denominator.
Rounding Gains AccountIf there is a gain due to the rounding action, the figure will go into this account.
Rounding Losses AccountIf there is a loss due to the rounding action, the figure will go into this account.
Min AmountYou can set a minimum amount for accepting a particular POS Payment Method. In certain countries, businesses will not accept a credit card if the amount of sale is lower than 100, as the commission rates are too high.Leave it blank.
Max AmountYou can set a maximum amount for accepting a particular POS Payment Method.Leave it blank.
Field NameDescriptionExample
Allow RefundFor certain POS Payment Methods, you can set that it’s possible to do refund with the payment method used for the payment.Activated.
Reverse Unrealized VATThis field appears when the processing type is a Voucher. On redeeming a voucher, the initial VAT calculated on issuing the voucher can be reversed. For this to work, the General Ledger account associated with voucher needs to have a VAT setup in place.