Set up POS Payment Bin

Bins are containers in which money, or any legal tender, is stored and received. These can include currencies or even non-currencies like lottery/vouchers if you need to track them when they are relocated. Physically, a bin is a cash drawer for a POS unit, a safe in the manager’s office or even a bank.

To set up the payment bin for the Bring It to You Retail Store Ltd fictional example company, populate the following fields as indicated below:

Field NameDescriptionExample
No.The unique code of the bin.01
DescriptionThe short description of the bin.Cash Drawer XX
POS Store CodeA bin can be specified for a store, if all money received on sale goes into that bin, however this rarely happens in practice.Leave blank.
Attached to POS UnitSpecifies to which POS unit the bin is attached.Create a bin for each POS unit in the Bring It to You Retail Store. For example, BIN 01 is attached to POS Unit 01 (POS Unit DK-01)
Eject MethodThere are different methods for ejecting cash drawers you can choose from.TEMPLATE; there’s a print template set for the eject method parameter, and printing is performed on opening the drawer with the OPEN_CASH_DRAWER POS action button. The most common printer used is Epson, so you can set up the eject method parameter using the print template EPSON_CASH_DRAWER.
BIN TypeBins can be physical Cash Drawers or Virtual (automatically balanced). A BANK or SAFE should also be defined as the target for money transfer.

In practice, the following POS payment bins will be available:

POS Payment BinPurpose
Cash Register POS Payment Bins.These bins are used for storing the cash for each respective POS unit. You can visualize it as a physical drawer attached to a POS unit.
BANK POS Payment BinThe bin is used for storing the cash that is transferred into the bank.
SAFE POS Payment BinThe bin is used for storing the cash that is transferred into the safe.
IN-TRANSIT POS Payment BinsThis bin is used as an intermediary storage for cash when it is transferred from one POS unit into another.

When counting cash, the calculated amount for that bin should be balanced with the physical amount found in the cash drawer. Therefore, it is important to insert the starting float for the bin the first time it is created with the Insert Initial Float functionality.