Create a stock-take worksheet and worksheet lines

Worksheets represent logical blocks of work during stock-takes. To create a stock-take worksheet, and the accompanying worksheet lines, follow the provided steps:



  1. Click the Lightbulb button, enter Stock-Take Configurations, and choose the related link.

  2. Select a stock-take configuration line from the list, and click Worksheets in the Related dropdown list.

  3. Populate the necessary fields.


  4. Either enter the inventory count manually or import from a file. Refer to the following tables for descriptions of the relevant Stock-Take Worksheet Line fields:

Manual entry

Field NameDescription
BarcodeAn all-purpose field which supports item numbers and item cross reference barcode numbers. The field will be marked accordingly if the translation fails, or if the item is blocked.
Item Translation Source DescriptionSpecifies which table provides the translation for the item number/variant code.
BlockedIndicates whether the item is blocked or not.
Qty (Counted)Specifies how many items have been counted.
Qty (Total Counted)Specifies the sum of all equal item numbers/variant codes within the stock-take configuration.

Import from file

If this approach is selected, you need to select the import method, and the file which will serve as a source of stock-take data.

Import TypeDescription
From FileData is imported to the current worksheet. This method follows the NPR standard inventory file format, and the separator is the pipe symbol ("|").
From ScannerData conforms to the scanner setup.
Worksheet & LinesThis approach is similar to the first one, except that a worksheet is also created, if needed. The imported file is CSV.

Next steps

  • Once the worksheet has been completed and corrected, you need to transfer it to the Item Journal, and post it.