MPOS menu

All menus are created in the POS Menus page in Business Central. You can also define buttons used in the MPOS here. All menus can be divided into main menus and supporting menus.

POS Menu Setup

Main menus are used in the POS view, and those are:


This menu is displayed in the login view. It usually consists of buttons created for printing, settings, and general information.



Item menus allow users to browse through the list of products, and select them for sales.


  • SALE

Sale menus are used to view, modify, and delete the selected sales items.



Payment menus are used for creating, modifying, and deleting payments.


This page contains the list of all created menus. Menus can be defined for all POS units or for specific ones, in which case it is necessary to provide the POS Unit No. of that specific POS unit. It is also possible to provide access to some menus only to specific salespeople, in which case the Salesperson code needs to be provided as well.