What's new in NaviPartner

Learn which new features and improvements have been introduced to our solutions. You can click the ▶️ button next to some of the entries to view the accompanying video guides on our YouTube channel.


24.06.MPOS Frontend Editor improvement
You can now select how many items per a row you wish to be displayed on the MPOS screen.
24.06.POS Frontend Editor improvements
You can now enter the POS editor configuration mode directly from the Login screen. There have also been several important additions to the POS Editor Global Settings, including the ability to change the POS theme, and view the error log.
07.06.Send SMS with a purchased ticket
You can now sent SMS with a purchased ticket to a customer, so they can save it in their phones for later use.
08.04.Lot number tracking on POSIt is now possible to track certain items via their Lot numbers on POS. If an item is set to have mandatory Lot number tracking, it will not be possible to finalize the sale before Lot number input. It will also be necessary to provide Lot numbers for such items during any other type of item handling on POS e.g. item returns.
04.04.KDS (Kitchen Display System)
The Kitchen Display System (KDS) can now be brought up and interacted with from Minor Tom after the initial setup is performed in Business Central.
19.03.Compliance with Belgian fiscal lawsNP Retail is now fully compliant with Belgian fiscal laws.
19.03.Vipps MobilePay integrationNP solutions are now integrated with Vipps MobilePay. Vipps MobilePay is the most recently developed version of the MobilePay solution that supports the same features (with the improvement of also extending to Norwegian market), but has different setup procedure. Its purpose is to make payment in stores easy, with static QR codes generated in the mobile wallet app.
28.02.Fiscalization compliance with Italian fiscal lawsNP Retail is now fully compliant with Italian fiscal laws.
28.01.Bin transfer improvementsThe following improvements have been added to the Bin Transfer functionality:
  • A new line will automatically be added to the POS Payment Bin Transfer Journal when the Transfer Out action is performed from one POS unit towards another.
  • When the transaction is complete, and the Transfer In action is triggered on the target POS unit, the transfer journal line only needs to be validated without the need to populate any additional fields.
  • An intermediary bin through which both inbound and outbound transfer transactions are posted is used in this process. The bin needs to be specified in the new In-Transfer Bin Code field that has been placed in the POS End of Day/Bin Tr. Profile Card administrative section in Business Central.
28.01.Digital receipts - Fiskaly
You can now generate QR codes that are used as digital receipts on the POS after the sale has been concluded.
28.01.Multisoft E-invoicesE-invoices, provided by Multisoft, facilitate real-time communication with the relevant tax authorities. Now, a sales order can be created from a POS, and issued to a customer in a form of an invoice.


28.12.Bin Transfer UI improvementsThe process of transferring cash in and out of bins from the POS has been optimized, and the dialog in which these actions are performed has been redesigned.
28.12.External website content on the customer screenSalespeople can now make the customer display (second display) point to an external website with merchant-specific content they wish to display to the customers, after which they may switch back to the Receipt view. This website can, for example, contain a sign-up form, terms and conditions or some similar content that may be relevant for the current transaction.
28.12.Integration with the Planet Payment EFTPlanet Payment is now a valid payment option for customers who wish to use the cloud terminal integration. This integration requires only a couple of installation steps to become operational, and no hardware components.
28.12.Compliance with Danish fiscal lawsNP Retail is now fully compliant with Danish fiscal laws. As the regulation requires, users will be able to initiate data export compliant with the Standard Audit File for Tax (SAF-T) format for cash registers.
28.11.Belgian eID feature to POSThe Belgian eID feature enables retailers to integrate with different loyalty services to give Belgian customers discounts or vouchers. When set up, the POS operator can now read Belgian electronic identity cards to retrieve customers’ data. The retrieved data is stored in Business Central, and can be processed to link the customer to their purchases.
28.11.POS Payment View Event Setup updatesThe following improvements have been added to the POS Payment View Event Setup administrative section:
  • A new Show Only for Selected POS Units toggle switch has been added. If enabled, the POS Unit Filter panel is displayed, and you can use it to specify which POS units will bring up the Dimension pop-up when the payment is supposed to be processed.
  • The POS Unit Filter panel has replaced the POS Scenarios Profile, so you’re no longer required to perform individual setup for payments on each POS unit separately.
  • When you press the payment button, the payment pop-up is displayed, whereas in the previous releases, you would move from the Sales view to the Payment view to achieve the same result by default.
28.11.Compliance with Serbian fiscal lawsNP Retail is now fully compliant with Serbian fiscal laws.
28.11.Compliance with Croatian fiscal lawsNP Retail is now fully compliant with Croatian fiscal laws.
28.11.Compliance with Slovenian fiscal lawsNP Retail is now fully compliant with Slovenian fiscal laws.
28.11.Compliance with Bulgarian fiscal lawsNP Retail is now fully compliant with Bulgarian fiscal laws.
28.11.POS editor UI enhancements
A new layout Classic 6 has been added to the POS editor. It provides a new layout/structure of buttons and grids that you can use on the POS.
28.10.POS Sale Document Background postingPosting of POS Sales Documents is now performed in the background provided that is it enabled in the POS Posting Profile.
28.10.POS Layout Setup Wizard
Users can now set up a POS layout, and add all the necessary buttons more quickly with the new POS Layout Setup Wizard. The wizard offers a set of predefined layouts that you can choose from based on your industry and language requirements.
28.10.MPOS editor
The recently introduced POS editor now also supports MPOS layouts. Users no longer need to jump between different systems to edit the MPOS UI.
28.10.Prepayment invoice posting improvements - Serbia
The prepayment feature has been adapted to support the requirement of the Serbian fiscal law to post the received prepayment invoices to transitional accounts, and not directly in the vendor accounts.
28.10.VAT report feature - Serbia
This new feature gives you the option of easily forwarding various reports to the TA (Tax Authority). Each time the invoices are posted, all the accompanying information is recorded in the POPDV report as is legally required.
28.09.Restaurant module improvementsThe following improvements have been added to the NP Restaurant module:
  • You can set up auxiliary serving steps, which won’t be treated by the system as part of general serving flow, and which can be run by a salesperson on demand. They can for instance be used for sending drink requests to kitchen station.
  • In addition to seating code, you can now display seating no. and waiter code in the Kitchen Requests page.
  • You can view kitchen requests associated with specific waiters directly on their waiter cards, improving coordination and communication within your restaurant.
  • There’s a new POS action that allows you to display open kitchen requests directly from the POS.
28.09.Job Queue Restart
A backend process which automatically refreshes job queue entries provided that it is Enabled in the Job Queue Refresh Setup administrative section has been introduced.
28.09.Azure member registration
This feature enables users to register as members and acquire a membership card more efficiently than when registering at the counter.
28.08.Total discounts
Total discounts have been introduced in NP Retail. They give you an option of providing a discount benefit to a customer based on the total sales amount of a POS sale, or on the total sales amount of a group of items in a POS sale.
28.08.POS grid editor
A new feature which allows users to change the number of rows and columns in the POS screen grids via the POS Editor has been introduced. It gives users the option of fully customizing the number of buttons that will be displayed on the screen, as well as their height.
28.06.Getting Started Wizard
A new wizard for simplifying the NP Retail installation process has been introduced. It helps users with quickly setting up the necessary NP Retail components, such as POS Stores, POS Units, POS Profiles, POS Payment Methods, and the POS Posting Setup.
28.06.Prepayment for Click & Collect
The NP Retail Click & Collect feature has been expanded with the Prepayment feature. When creating a Click & Collect order, it is now possible to choose whether the prepayment will be allowed for the purchase amount or percentage.
28.05.Group codes
This feature gives users the ability to mark the POS sale exported from the POS to a standard sales order with a predefined group code. It allows the import of standard sales orders to a POS sale to be filtered by a group code. A new administrative section Group Codes has been added to Business Central to support this addition, along with two new parameters introduced for the SALES_DOC_EXP and SALES_DOC_IMP POS actions.
28.05.MPOS actions for improved barcode scanning
Two new MPOS actions for improved barcode scanning have been introduced:
  • M_SCANDITITEMINFO - users can use the camera on their mobile devices to scan item barcodes and receive the predefined information about that item.
  • M_SCANDITSCAN – users can use the camera on their mobile devices to scan item barcodes and find the same barcode in direct vicinity.
28.05.MPOS redesign
Our MPOS solution has undergone a complete UI overhaul, making the previous scaled-down version of the regular MPOS more modern and streamlined.
28.05.POS editor
With the new POS editor, POS buttons and menus can be configured from start to finish from the POS UI directly. Any changes you make will be instantly reflected in the POS UI.
28.04.V4 Balancing featureThe POS balancing feature has been reworked and significantly streamlined.
28.03.GS 1 coupon setup
You can now create a G/L account that is used for posting GS1 flat rate discount coupons. The discount is applied as a new G/L line with a negative amount, which is calculated from the barcode.
28.03.MobilePay QR code on customer screen
Customers can now use the MobilePay app to scan QR codes from the customer screen and purchase goods from a store with their electronic wallet.
07.03.Limiting payment types to specific items
You can now create payment methods that are used on the POS for purchasing only the items or item categories you single out during its creation. This option is especially useful when you wish to establish vouchers as viable types of payment for specific items only.
07.03.Bin change from a POS sale
With the new release, if there are multiple bins in a single store location, you can choose which bin the item is taken from during the POS sale. This is done with the new CHANGE_BIN POS action that can be added to the POS menu as a button.
07.03.Responsibility Center change from a POS sale
You can now change the selected responsibility center from an open POS sale.
07.03.Sending email receipts on purchase
You can now send emails with purchase receipts to customers from the POS. This can be done with the new SEND_RECEIPT POS action that can be added to the POS menu as a button.
07.03.Second screen control
You can now get the customer’s signature on the second display upon returning of items, and enclose that with the invoice for that transaction.
28.01.Take a photo (from the POS)
28.01.GS1 couponsThe GS 1 flat rate discount coupon has been introduced to NP Retail. GS1 is a standard that facilitates connection between a product and all its vital data, allowing trackability, workflow efficiency, and information-sharing via electronic means.
28.01.POS HTML display profile
A new POS profile has been introduced for desktop POS units with multiple displays. Its purpose is to enhance customer interaction and sales experience by allowing you to display media content on the POS screen. This content can be in the form of images, videos or even an entire website.
28.01.NP Power BI for RetailNP Power BI for Retail is a new tool that can be used to analyze sales through multidimensional views and provide a detailed insight into business performance.
28.01.Softpay integrationNP Retail is now integrated with Softpay, which also includes the Tap on Phone feature, which essentially turns your smartphone into a contactless POS terminal capable of accepting payments from customers’ cards or mobile wallets.