NP Retail product overview

NP Retail is a solution that combines the functionalities of the POS and ERP systems based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. This framework enables synchronizing data across different channels to offer information and insights to small and mid-sized businesses, and assisting them with improving overall customer service. Some of the improved business aspects include financial management, accounting, management of orders and products, inventory management, reports, and statistics, which are all merged into a single solution.

At the core of NP Retail is a POS store. Each POS store contains multiple POS units used for conducting business. Daily work on POS involves going through the entirety of the sales cycle, which consists of preparing the opening balance, conducting the sales (while redeeming coupons and vouchers where appropriate), and finally performing the end-of-day procedure - posting the sales and syncing all relevant information with the ERP database.


Get started

  • To start with, we recommend downloading the demo, and experiencing first-hand what our solution can do.

  • Once you’re ready for more advanced features, see our guide for setting up desktop software product Minor Tom.

  • Download and install the HW Connector app to bridge the local hardware to the WEB MT interface of the POS.

  • If you’re unsure whether our solution is supported by your hardware components, refer to the system requirements.

  • Make sure to read the documentation regarding automatic postings before starting to use your POS. There are certain options that need to be configured in a particular way to make sure everything works properly.

Get started with the NP Retail setup wizard

NaviPartner has developed an onboarding setup wizard for NP Retail, which guides you through the configuration process of all essential modules and features. Additionally, the setup wizard is accompanied with the POS Academy video library, which provides tips and tricks for completing the setup more efficiently.

Learn what’s new

Get an overview of new features and improvements introduced in the newest versions of the NP Retail solution.