Retail environments

There are three available environments - production, sandbox and demo. The production environment contains live business data, the sandbox is a safe place for testing various modules, whereas demo environments are best suited for demonstrations and trainings. It’s possible to choose the current environment in the NP Retail Environment Information administrative section.

Field NameDescription
Environment TypeSpecifies the currently selected environment. Make sure you pick Sandbox if you’re testing the feature behavior, so you don’t accidentally mess with the live data. Certain features will be enabled/disabled based on the selected environment.
Environment VerifiedWhen a company is created, the environment isn’t automatically verified. The next time you sign in, you will be prompted to verify the new company environment type by selecting one of the three available options.
Environment TemplateWhen a copy of a template company is created, the new company will get the same environment type, and the environment will be verified without asking users on login.
Environment Company NameSpecifies the name of the company that the environment database corresponds to. This value is generated automatically.
Environment Database NameSpecifies the name of the environment database. The nomenclature depends on the type of the environment in use. This value is generated automatically.
Environment TenantSpecifies the currently applied tenant. This value is generated automatically.