Set up card surcharge for terminal payments

This topic describes the process of setting up terminal payments to handle EFT transactions which include a surcharge, which results in the amount received from the terminal being higher than the amount requested from the POS.

If you accept payments through your terminal, there may be a surcharge included in the payment. The reason for this can stem from the payment agreement itself, the Dynamic Currency Conversion on the terminal, or even the established setup on the Customer card.


  • Have an EFT Setup with a POS Payment Method which has Processing Type as EFT.
  • Have a G/L Account you want to use for Surcharges.


  1. Click the Lightbulb button, enter POS Payment Method List, and choose the related link.
    The list of POS payment methods is displayed.
  2. Select the POS Payment Method that you have set up in EFT Setup with your EFT Integration.
    This will usually be T or TERMINAL.
  3. On the POS Payment Method Card populate the EFT Surcharge Account No. with the No. of your G/L account.
    Now, whenever you have surcharge on a terminal transaction, the surcharge amount will be added to the POS Sales Line as the selected G/L account.