Set up a new EFT BIN group

Follow the provided steps to set up a new EFT Mapping Group NC with a Card Number range of 501900 to 501999, which has a Card Application ID of A0000001211010 and a Card Issuer ID of 50 and map this to POS Payment Method code DAN.

If a credit card is used, it can be found in the EFT AID Mapping List. It will select the corresponding EFT Mapping Group, instead of looking for Card Issuer ID and then EFT BIN Ranges individually.

  1. Click the Lightbulb button, enter EFT Mapping Group List, and choose the related link.
  2. Click New to create a new group.
  3. In Code provide NC, and fill out the Description.
  4. Add 10 in the Priority field.
    If the credit card is mapped to more than one EFT Mapping Group (e.g., in the EFT BIN Range of two different groups) the group with the lowest priority is selected.
  5. In Card Issuer ID provide 50.
  6. In EFT Mapping Group Payment Links provide DAN in the Payment Type POS.
  7. In EFT BIN Ranges select a new line to update the top line with the BIN Group Priority and populate BIN From with 501900.
  8. Populate BIN To with 501999.
    This means that any card that starts with 5019 is included in this range.
  9. In the EFT AID Mapping List section provide A000000121 in the Registered application provider ID, then input 1010 in ApplicationID.
  10. In Bin Group Code fill in NC from the EFT Mapping Group Card.