Set up Adyen Cloud integration (EFT)

Adyen as the terminal provider is set up with the Adyen Cloud integration. Both the terminal and the POS are required to establish the connection to the Adyen Cloud.

To set up POS Unit 03 to use Adyen Cloud integration, follow the provided steps:


  • Have a terminal from Adyen.
  • Create the API credentials connected to the store and the terminal via the Adyen Web admin menu


  1. Click the Lightbulb button, enter EFT Setup, and choose the related link.
  2. In Payment Type POS provide T.
    The T is used as a general POS Payment Method for making terminal calls.
  3. Provide 03 in POS Unit No.
  4. In EFT Integration Type open the pop-up by clicking Elipsis icon and select ADYEN_CLOUD.
  5. With the line selected, navigate to the Payment Type Parameters.
  6. Insert the value from Adyen API Credentials in the API Key field.
  7. Close the page and navigate to POS Unit Parameters.
  8. In the POI ID insert the ID of the terminal from Adyen.
    The ID is usually expressed in the following format: [Terminal Type] - [Serial Number] - for example P400Plus-123123123.