Manually add customer discounts on POS

Make sure the prerequisites are met, and follow the provided steps to add customer discount on the POS:


  • A discount for the specific item-and-customer combination needs to be created in Sales Prices. In our example, the combination between the customer D000002 and the item 70005 is created. A special discount of 5% will be given for quantities lower than 5, and for quantities of 5 and up the 10% discount will be applied.


To add discount for customer in sale:

  1. Provide 70005 in the Item no. box in the top right corner.
    A new sales line is added with the regular initial price.
  2. Click Customers in the bottom right corner, followed by Select Customer in the pop-up window that is displayed.
  3. Select the customer D000002.
    The customer is added to the sale. The discount percentage of 5 is added, as well as a discount amount, and the new Amount Including VAT is calculated.
  4. Click Change Quantity.
    A pop-up window for providing the new quantity is displayed.
  5. Set the quantity to 5.
    The discount percentage is changed to 10, while the discount amount and the new Amount Including VAT is calculated.