Customer setup

This topic goes through the process of creating new customers from the POS.


  • Have a button on the POS configured with the POS Action INSERT_CUSTOMER. The name of the button should be Create New Customer, or similar.
  • (Optional) Have customer templates defined.

Create a new customer and add them to the sale

  1. Open the POS and press Customers.
  2. If the customer already exists, press Select Customer, and choose a customer from the list.
  3. Press Create New Customer.
  4. Enter customer information manually.
    The fields marked with * are mandatory.
  5. Press Close.
    The customer is created and added to sale.

Apply an existing customer template to the customer (optional)

  1. Follow the steps from the procedure above.
  2. Press three_dots in the upper right corner followed by Apply Template to apply an existing customer template.
  3. Choose the CUSTOMER COMPANY template and press OK.
    The information from the template is applied.
  4. Press Close.
    The customer is created and added to sale.

Create customers and customer templates in Business Central

To create customers in Business Central and apply customer templates, refer to the procedure on the official Microsoft learning portal.

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