Create discount coupons with GS1 coding system

The GS1 system is widely used in the retail industry and the trade sector. It provides keys which ensure unambiguous identification of goods, services, assets, locations etc. worldwide. These keys are represented by data carriers like barcodes placed on coupons which in turn allow customers to gain certain discounts for purchasing goods.

To create GS1 discount coupons, make sure the prerequisites are met and follow the provided steps:


  • Create a G/L account for posting GS1 coupon discounts. This G/L account needs to have direct posting enabled.


  1. Click the Lightbulb button, enter Coupon Types and choose the related link.
    The list of all existing coupon types is displayed.

  2. Click New.
    The Coupon Card pop-up window is displayed.

  3. Populate all necessary fields in the General section with the following values:

    Field NameSuggested Values
    CodeProvide GS1.
    NameProvide GS1 Discount Amount Coupon.
    Discount TypeProvide Discount Amount.
    Discount AmountLeave this field blank, as the amount is determined by the barcode.
    POS Store GroupLeave this field blank, as there are no restrictions established by the store group, (unless explicitly stated in the store’s policy).
    Coupon Qty (Open)Leave this field blank, as the value is automatically generated and updated every time the shop accesses the coupon.
    EnabledMake sure you enable the coupon to make GS1 type coupons valid in the shop.
  4. Populate all necessary fields in the Issue Coupon section.
    In this section, only the Issue Coupon Module field is updated by the GS 1 module. All other fields in this section aren’t configured as they are related to the store’s process of issuing coupons.

  5. Populate all necessary fields in the Validate Coupon section.
    In this section, only the Validate Coupon Module field is set to DEFAULT. None of the other fields are configured as they aren’t related to the GS1 barcode.

  6. Populate all necessary fields in the Apply Coupon section.

    Field NameValue
    Apply Discount ModuleSpecify the discount module that will be used - GS1.
    Application Sequence No.Leave this field blank. The value of the application sequence number isn’t used for the GS1 type coupon.
    Max Use per SaleProvide 1 as it is the maximum number of coupon uses per a sale.
    Multi-Use CouponMake sure this field is Disactivated.
  7. Populate all the necessary fields in the GS1 section.
    Specify the GS1 General Ledger Account in the GS1 Account No. field. Make sure you’ve provided the correct name in the account, as it will be displayed as the description on the relevant POS sales line, along with the barcode. E.g. GS1 Discount Coupon.


Next steps

Scan GS1 coupons on POS


  • You need to define a button to scan coupons from the POS Sales View on the POS and attach the SCAN_COUPON POS action to it. There are no additional parameters that need to be defined.


  1. Open the POS.

  2. Scan all the items that the customer wishes to purchase.

  3. Click the button you’ve previously defined, e.g. Scan Discount Coupon.

  4. Scan the coupon barcode. When the coupon is scanned on the POS, a sales line is inserted with the description and the amount to be deducted on the sale. The coupon entries are then created.

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