Discount coupons

Discount coupons provide a reduction in price, or an extra benefit given to customers when they purchase items. Discount coupons positively impact sales in physical and online stores, as they are attractive to both customers who are new to the brand and returning customers who wish to purchase items in larger quantities.

The most common discount coupon types are:

  • Discount-percent discount coupons - they provide a discount to the retail price of the product/service. E.g. a coupon of 10% off the next flight booking on a flight-booking website.
  • Discount on a minimum purchase - e.g. 200 off on purchases of 100 or more at a grocery retail store.
  • Complementary service discount coupons - e.g. free fitting and installation of a purchased air conditioner.
  • Buy-one-get-one coupons - these coupons provide an additional free item for a purchase of an item in the same category.
  • New customer coupons - these coupons provide a welcome discount to new customers of a brand.
  • Loyalty coupons - these coupons are exclusive to customers who have joined a brand’s loyalty program.