Activity coupons

Activity coupons can either be printed or taken out of magazine/newspaper cuttings. There are usually multiple activity coupons issued with the same number, and each one can be redeemed against a single item.

These coupons offer a discount amount or a discount percentage which can be applied to a predefined list of items. There are no priorities on the items - a single coupon can be applied to a single item unit stated in the list.

For example, if a customer purchases two or three items eligible for a coupon discount, and they have only one coupon, that coupon will be applied to only one item on the list. However, if they have more than one coupon, they can use them at the same time, and apply them to the corresponding number of items.

If two items with the same item reference number are purchased during the same sale, and the customer has provided two coupons, they are applied to both items respectively, as each item is unique. Therefore, the salesperson will scan the item twice instead of changing the quantity of the first item to 2 on the first sale line. Afterwards, the salesperson will scan the coupons.

Some items have serial numbers. If this is the case, the coupon will be applied to the combination of the item and the serial number (as a unique item). If the same Item & Serial No. is rescanned, the second time will automatically be rejected.

Two different activity coupons may be applied to the same item in certain cases. These coupons may offer different discount amounts/percentages. If the item A is on the list for the EUR30 & EUR50 coupon discount, you can apply EUR30 on the first line, and EUR50 on the second line.

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