SMS template

The SMS template feature allows you to compose text templates for the SMS message which are sent out to customers in specific scenarios. For example, an SMS can be sent from the Customer Card as a reminder that the customer has a payment that needs to be balanced. Such an SMS can take the following form:

Dear Mr. James Daniels,
Please note that you have a balance due of DKK 500 in your account.
Settle the amount as soon as possible.
Best Regards,
Customer Care Team

Messages like this one are defined in the SMS Template Card administrative section. The following fields also need to be set up:

Field NameDescription
CodeSpecifies the ID of the message.
DescriptionSpecifies a short description of the message.
Alt. SenderSpecifies the sender.
Table No.Specifies which table is used for sourcing specific data to be displayed in the message content.
Table CaptionSpecifies the name of the table.
Recipient TypeSpecifies the type of recipient (e.g. a recipient corresponds to a single field in the table).
RecipientSpecifies the ID used to single out the specific recipient out of all options in the table, and reference them in the template (e.g. {1}).
ContentCompose the message that will be sent to SMS recipients. On the right side of the screen, there’s a list of fields that are available in the specified table. E.g. {8} - the contact name on the Customer Card; {67} balance due (LCY) amount retrieved from the Customer Card
Filters on TableSet the filters on the table as criteria or conditions for sending SMS.

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