Set up client attributes

Client attributes are extra fields that can be added to the Item and Members tables. They can be used for analysis and definition of specific properties associated with items or members. You can define these attributes in their respective Client Attribute Cards.

To create client attributes, follow the provided steps:

  1. Click the Lightbulb button, enter Client Attributes, and choose the related link.
    The administrative section for defining client attributes is displayed.
  2. Define in which table this client attribute is going to be used, and associate the client attribute to a table in the Lookup Table ID field.
    It will then appear on the card that is associated with that table.
    For example, if we select the table 17 - Items, the Client Attributes will be displayed in the Extra Fields section of the Item Card.
  3. Populate all the necessary fields.
  4. Open the Client Attribute IDs section by clicking Attribute ID in the Related dropdown in the ribbon to define on which tables the attribute will be attached.
  5. If you’re not using the existing table values, you can define your own set of values to be used in a client attribute.
  6. Define the associated values in Client Attribute Value Lookup (reached via the Related dropdown in the ribbon) where needed.
    It’s possible to define values if the attribute is either of the Code or the Lookup type.

Next steps

Client Attribute Value Lookup setup

If you wish to place a value in the Attribute field, you can have multiple types of values defined in the Value Datatype field in the Client Attribute Card.

When you set the Datatype field to Code, you can opt for having a list of values to select from or for looking up the list for values. You can choose between two sources:

  • An existing table
  • A set of values

If you don’t use the values from the existing tables, you can build our own lookup values. It is in the Client Attribute Card that you define the values which will be displayed in the lookup on the card.

Attribute ValueSpecifies the ID of the attribute value.
Attribute Value NameSpecifies the name of the attribute value.
Attribute Value DescriptionSpecifies the description of the attribute value.

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