Service flow

The following fields and options are available in the Service Flow Profile Card.

Field NameDescription
CodeSpecifies the code of a general configuration that is going to be used in the Restaurant Setup.
DescriptionSpecifies the type of the process that the restaurant wishes to adopt, e.g. à la carte restaurant with payment after dining.
Close Waiter Pad OnSpecifies the stage at which the waiter pad is going to be closed automatically, e.g. Payment.
Only if Fully PaidThis options should be activated if you want to be strict on the payment. If disabled, the waiter pads will automatically be closed after the initial payment, even if the sale remains partially unpaid afterwards.
Clear Seating OnSpecifies the stage at which the seating on a table will be cleared and reset to empty, e.g. Waiter pad closed.
Seating Status after ClearingSpecifies the type of status that you wish to attribute to the table when the seat clearing is finalized. E.g. Ready - it is assumed that the waiter cleans the table themselves after the guest has paid for the meal and departed.
W/Pad Ready for Pmt. StatusSpecifies the ready-for-payment status code on the waiter pad.


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