Seating list

The following fields and options can be configured in the Seating List administrative section as a part of the Restaurant Module setup:

Field NameDescription
CodeSpecifies a unique internal ID attached to the seat/table.
Seating No.Specifies a user-friendly ID of the seating/table number.
DescriptionSpecifies a description of the seat/table.
Seating LocationSpecifies the area of the restaurant in which the seat is located.
BlockedYou can block the seat/table, so that it’s not available for use in the restaurant.
Blocking ReasonSpecifies the reason due to which the seat was blocked.
CapacitySpecifies the number of seatings (chairs) attached to a single seat (table).
Fixed CapacityYou can fix the seat capacity, so that it’s not allowed to add or remove chairs from the existing table setup.
StatusYou can manually set the seat status to BLOCKED or TOCLEAN in this field. Even if the seat is set to one of these statuses, if it’s physically in the floor area, customers can still be seated at it, and a waiter can start recording the order in their waiter pad. The status is changed automatically based on the configuration set in place in the Service Flow Profile.
Status DescriptionSpecifies the description attached to the Status Code.
Current Waiter PadSpecifies if there is a waiter pad assigned to the seat.
Multiple Waiter PadsSpecifies if there’s more than one waiter pad assigned to the seat.

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