Use KDS in a fast-food restaurant

As soon as you’ve set up the necessary restaurant components in Business Central, you can start taking orders and tracking their status via KDS. Refer to the following example procedure for using KDS in a fast-food restaurant:



  1. Log into the POS

  2. If there are multiple options available, select the fast-food restaurant from the restaurant list.
    Typically, fast-food restaurants consist of two stations - one for the kitchen, and the other one for packing. But the available options will depend on your setup in Business Central. For example, you can set up the burger, fryer and dessert preparation areas as separate kitchen stations. In this case, every individual kitchen station will be tasked with preparing orders that fit their description.

  3. Place an order by selecting an item such as Cheeseburger from the menu.
    The Select Options window is displayed.

  4. Select any item addons the customer may wish to add to their order, like extra cheese. Optionally, you can remove one of the ingredients included in the order by default, e.g. remove the onion.


  5. Press Go to payment.
    The order is sent to the kitchen automatically, and the New Waiterpad window is displayed.

  6. Provide the customer name and phone number in the pop-up window, then press OK.
    The customer contact information you provide will be used to send them a notification when their order is prepared and ready to be collected.

    The order is now displayed in the Order taken column of the Order Status Display System visible to the customers. They can use it to track the status of their order and see when they should approach the counter to collect it.


  7. Open one of the KDS kitchen screens.
    The placed order is displayed on it. It is a freshly placed order, so it’s marked in green color.
    The color may change if the time taken to prepare the order exceeds certain estimates set in the system. Delayed order notifications are also sent to a responsible person or a list of responsible people.


  8. Double-click the placed order once it’s been produced to move it to the next stage - packing.
    The order is moved from Order taken to In progress on the Order Status Display screen.

  9. Open the KDS packing screen, and double-click the order once it’s been packed or placed on a tray.
    The order is moved from In progress to Ready, and the customer is notified that they can approach the counter to pick the order up.

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