Waiter Pad List

The Waiter Pad List contains a list of all waiter pads in the system. It tracks down all orders, ordered items, and the service steps in which the orders were placed.


From it, the waiter can move seating, and merge waiter pads, as well as close and delete them. There’s also the option to print a pre-receipt, and the waiter can send the full order to the kitchen or even request service for specific lines in the order from the kitchen stations.

Kitchen Order List

The Kitchen Order List contains a list of orders that has been created by the waiters. It provides statuses of the orders if they have already been served, planned, made active, or prepared to be served.

Kitchen Request Stations List

The Kitchen Request Station List contains a list of requests that has been initiated by the waiters. It provides a status of the request, as well as the stage of production they’re in.

Kitchen Preparation

From the Kitchen Stations, you can select in which kitchen station you wish to see what is requested, prepared, and completed. When you select a kitchen from that list, you can use the shortcut for Kitchen Requests to get the full view of what’s happening.


From the Kitchen Request List for that kitchen, the chef can monitor what needs to be prepared. From here, they can start their production and complete it. Any change in quantity will be displayed on the screen, and needs to be accepted for production. The chef can push ahead, and finish a dish while keeping time, while planning the next one.

These requests can be traced up to the waiter pad if needed. This is kept in a log known as Kitchen Request Source Links.

Kitchen Request (Expedite)

The Kitchen Request (Expedite) is the main screen where the head-waiter or restaurant manager monitors what is happening with the waiters’ orders. The head-waiter can ask the waiter to request for serving from their waiter pad or from a POS unit when they see that the planned dish wasn’t started on yet.

If the Production Status is Finished, the head-waiter can set it to Served, and request from the waiter to serve their guests.


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