Set up standalone terminal integration

You can use the standalone terminal integration, either as an additional security measure when using terminals that are not integrated with NP Retail or as backup with additional information. It can also be used if another EFT Transaction is lost between the EFT Terminal and the POS where you can see that the terminal has accepted the transaction, but there are no other ways to transfer from the EFT Terminal to the POS.

To set up POS Unit 01 to use the standalone terminal that requires the card numbers, but not the cardholder’s name, follow the provided steps:


  • Have a POS Payment Method TMAN with the EFT Processing Type.


  1. Click the Lightbulb button, enter EFT Setup, and choose the related link.
  2. In Payment Type POS insert TMAN.
    TMAN is used as a POS Payment Method to separate it from the regular T POS Payment Method.
  3. In POS Unit No. insert 01.
  4. In the EFT Integration Type, open the pop-up by clicking Elipsis icon and select EXTERNAL_TERMINAL.
  5. With the line selected, navigate to the Payment Type Parameters and disable the Enable Cardholder Popup checkmark.
  6. Close the page to complete the setup.