Softpay integration

Softpay is an app-based terminal solution that can be integrated into POS systems. This solution is integrated into NaviPartner’s Retail app-based solution.

NaviPartner handles the entire integration, but you need information from Softpay as well. To use this solution you need to contact Softpay to get merchant credentials consisting of a merchant ID/username and a password. You can also discuss your business needs for multiple accounts with Softpay, if you need different types of merchants.

Merchants can be configured to work for specific stores and with several privileges. See the Devices section for tips on how to configure Softpay in Retail as a part of the EFT flow.


Refer to the list of terms associated with the Softpay integration if you need any help understanding them: Merchant - a term that describes an account for Softpay that is tied to your business.

  • Merchant ID - this ID can also be seen as a username, it is one of two pieces of information needed to login via the Softpay app.

  • Environment - specifies whether you operate in a Sandbox i.e. testing environment, or if you are using a Production environment. Both environments have their own respective apps, the Sandbox app is distributed via Firebase, and you need to contact Softpay to get access. The Production app is distributed via Google Play. If the app is not available on your Android device the most probable reason is that your device is not supported by Softpay.

  • Whitelisted - Devices that are guaranteed to work.

  • Blacklisted - Devices not supported by Softpay.


Softpay has lists of whitelisted and blacklisted devices. Devices not listed will have a probability to work, but there are no guarantees. Here’s a list of requirements that devices need to meet to have a chance to work with Softpay:

  • Has at least Android 8.0.
  • Is equipped with hardware NFC.
  • Online WiFi or Internet connection.
  • Has a security patch that is less than 12 months old.
  • Google Mobile Services enabled.

Blacklisted devices

HuaweiAll devicesSecurity issues behind Huawei & NFC read issues
SunmiV2Does not have Google Mobile Service

Whitelisted devices

SamsungS22 (+, Ultra), S21 (+, + 5G, 5G, FE, FE 5G, Ultra 5G), S20 (+ 5G, 5G, FE, FE 5G, Ultra 5G), S10 (+, e, 5G, Lite) S9 and (+), S8 (+, Active), Xcover (Field pro, 4S,5, Pro), A52, A52 5G, A32, A32 5G
OnePlusOnePlus 7T Pro, OnePlus 8 pro, OnePlus 9 5G, OnePlus 9 Pro 5G
Point MobilePM45, PM85
SunmiV2s, V2s plus
MotorolaG9 power, G9 plus, G31
Nokia6.2, G20
GooglePixel 4, Pixel 6, Pixel 6 Pro, Pixel 3 (*)