Set up integration with Softpay in NP Retail

Softpay is an app-based terminal which can be intregrated into Point Of Sales (POS) systems.

From the customer’s side, the payment flow when purchasing from a local store is as follows:

  • The customer brings the items to the register.
  • When all items are scanned, the payment is initiated, and the POS app switches to the Softpay app.
  • The customer puts a credit card close to the device’s NFC reader, and is prompted to provide a PIN if the amount is high enough, or if they have completed purchases without using a PIN for some time.

However, to enable Softpay, the following procedure needs to be performed in NP Retail first:


  • Have an agreement with Softpay.
  • Have a Softpay account.
  • Have an Android phone with the Softpay app Softpay - mPOS terminal installed.


  1. Click the Lightbulb button, enter EFT Setup, and choose the related link.
    The EFT Setup window is displayed.

  2. Create a new entry by clicking the + button.

  3. Open the Payment Type POS dropdown and link the selected the EFT configuration T.

  4. Select the appropriate POS Unit No. and set the EFT Integration Type to SOFTPAY.

  5. Navigate to the POS Unit Parameters in the ribbon.
    The Softpay POS Merchant List page is displayed.

  6. Create a new POS unit and merchant combination entry by clicking + in the ribbon.
    The Softpay POS Merchant Card is displayed.

  7. Select the desired POS unit, and select which merchant to use form the dropdown menu.

    • New POS units can be created.

    • New merchants are created with the following information:

      • Softpay Merchant ID - the ID/Username supplied by Softpay.
      • Softpay Merchant Password - the password corresponding to the supplied Merchant ID/Username, also supplied by Softpay.
      • Merchant Description - a comment or description of the merchant account; helpful if you have multiple merchant accounts, with different configurations.
      • Environment: Select one of two options: Sandbox is the test environment where all transactions are simulated with test cards; Production is the normal environment which handles real transactions.
  8. Close the EFT Setup.

Next Steps

Now that Softpay is configured, the last step you need to complete the setup is to set the correct payment flow on the POS unit.

  1. Click the Lightbulb button, enter POS Unit List, and choose the related link.
    The POS Unit List is now displayed.
  2. Select the POS you configured to use Softpay, and navigate to its card by clicking No..
  3. Under Profiles section open the dropdown menu on POS Named Actions Profile, and click select from full list.
    The POS Actions Profiles page is displayed.
  4. Edit the selected profile by clicking on the three vertical dots, and selecting Edit.
  5. Go to Payment Action Code under the Actions section, and select from the dropdown menu PAYMENT_2.