Set up Pepper payment with additional parameters

When paying through a Pepper Terminal, it is possible to send additional parameters along with the amount. This can either be done in the Pepper Terminal Card if additional parameters need to be sent each time the payment is performed or through the POS Menus button if you need to use the additional parameters only in certain scenarios - for example when paying with a specific card type that can only be used on a specific type of goods.

Follow the provided steps to create a button in the SALE-LEFT part of POS Menu for sending an amount to the terminal with additional parameter which states that the VIC Voucher Type is a Lunch Pass.


  • Have the EFT Setup configured with the Payment Type POS as T and the EFT Integration Type PEPPER.


  1. Click the Lightbulb button, enter POS Menus, and choose the related link.
  2. Select SALE-LEFT and click Buttons.
  3. Go to a new line and provide LUNCH PASS in Caption.
  4. In the Action Type drop-down select the Action type.
  5. In Action Code click Elipsis icon to open the available POS Actions, search for Pepper and select the EFT_PEPPER_PAYMENT POS Action.
  6. With the line selected, click Parameters under the Home tab.
  7. In Additional Parameters fill in lunch-pass.
  8. In Payment Method Code provide T.
  9. Close the page.
    A POS menu button is now added to the SALE-LEFT part of the POS. You can use it to send this additional parameter along with the amount to the terminal.