Set up Pepper installation button

Before you can use Pepper on your POS, you need to set up the button on the POS and install Pepper locally on your computer through the POS.

To set up a Pepper button in the SALE-LEFT part of the POS, follow the provided steps:

  1. Open the POS unit on which you wish to add the button.
  2. Open the POS editor by pressing the icon.
    The edit mode is enabled.
  3. Press the cell in the SALE-LEFT part of the POS screen in which you wish to place the button, followed by Edit in the dropdown.
  4. Add the Caption, and open the Action dropdown list.
  5. Search for Pepper and select the EFT_PEPPER_INSTALL action.
  6. Press Save, and exit the edit mode. Since the POS Action doesn’t have any further parameters, the button is now set up. You can now install Pepper locally through the POS.