Set up NETS_BAXI_NET to reconcile the terminal in SALE-LEFT

The Viking/BAXI integration requires terminals to be reconciled to send the transactions to NETS. The terminals can either be reconciled automatically with the balancing process or you can do so manually with the button.


  • Have an EFT Setup with the T payment type using the NETS_BAXI_NET EFT integration type.


  1. Open the POS unit on which you wish to add the button.
  2. Open the POS editor by pressing the icon.
    The edit mode is enabled.
  3. Press the cell in the SALE-LEFT part of the POS screen in which you wish to place the button, followed by Edit in the dropdown.
  4. Add the Caption, and open the Action dropdown list.
  5. Search for the EFT_OPERATION and select the EFT_OPERATION_2 action code.
  6. Click the button next to Variables to edit the parameters.
    The POS Parameter Values window is displayed.
  7. Choose NETS_BAXI_NET in the Value column for the EFT Type parameter.
  8. Choose Auxiliary Operation in the Value column for the Operation Type parameter.
    The operation types are available for all integrations, although they may not be functional for specific use cases.
  9. Add 4 (Reconciliation) in the Value column for the Auxiliary ID parameter.
  10. Add T in the Value column for the Payment Method parameter.
  11. Press Save, and exit the edit mode.
    The button is now available on the POS.