Set up Vipps MobilePay integration

Vipps MobilePay is the most recently developed version of the MobilePay solution that supports the same features (with the improvement of also extending to Norwegian market), but has different setup procedure. Its purpose is to make payment in stores easy, with static QR codes generated in the mobile wallet app.

To set up the Vipps MobilePay integration, make sure the prerequisites are met, and follow the provided steps:


  • Sign into the Vipps MobilePay portal in order to collect the following data:
    • Merchant Serial Number (Msn)
    • Client Id
    • Client secret
    • Subscription key (either one will work)
    • OBS: For on-prem solutions, a username/password is needed for the setup. Both existing and new users can be used for this purpose. Bear in mind that if the password is changed, the login will no longer work.


  1. Click the Lightbulb button, enter EFT Setup, and select the related link.
  2. Create a new entry with the desired payment type, POS unit number, and choose the VIPPS_MOBILEPAY integration.
  3. Open the Payment Type Parameters.
    The Vipps MobilePay Integration Config page is displayed.
  4. Select the desired log level and close the page.
    The recommended level is Error.
  5. Open the POS Unit Parameters.
    The Vipps MobilePay Unit Configuration page is displayed.
  6. Click the three dots in the Merchant Serial Number field.
    The Vipps MobilePay Stores List is displayed.
  7. Create a new Vipps store by taking the following actions:
    • Provide the merchant information from the Prerequisites in the Vipps MobilePay Store page.
    • Click the three dots in the Webhook Reference field.
    • Click Create Webhook.
    • (Situational) If the tenant is on-prem, the OnPrem Additional Setup page needs to be filled in accordingly:
      • Config Name - a name that is easily distinguishable should be provided here (e.g. Company-Msn, where “Msn” stands for a “merchant serial number”).
      • Username/Password for the user that can access Business Central via the SOAP webservice. If the user doesn’t exist yet, it needs to be created.
        A message is displayed with information that a NaviPartner developer needs to perform setup externally.
  8. Navigate back to the Vipps MobilePay Unit Configuration page.
  9. Click the three dots in the Static QR ID field.
    The Vipps MobilePay Static QRs List is displayed.
  10. Click either Create a new QR for a brand-new Vipps MobilePay Static QR code (you can find this QR on the Vipps MobilePay portal and print it out after it has been created) or Create/Update MobilePay QR for recreating an existing MobilePay QR code (the Beacon ID) in the new Vipps MobilePay system.
  11. (Situational) If the tenant is a Cloud/SaaS environment:
    • Navigate to the Vipps MobilePay Unit Configuration page.
    • Click Create Setup (Admin) to allow the Vipps MobilePay webhook to send the information to Business Central. This action requires administrator-level permissions to be granted.

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