Use MobilePay QR code on customer screen

You can bill your customers via their MobilePay app directly from the POS. You can track the customers’ payment progress step by step from the main screen, so you can perform any actions necessary in a certain scenario. To use the MobilePay QR code feature on the POS unit, follow the provided steps:

  1. Open the POS.
  2. Scan all the items that the customer wishes to purchase, and move on to Payment.
  3. Select MobilePay, and provide the amount to be paid in the Mobile via QR code pop-up window.
    The amount and the scannable QR code are displayed on the customer screen.
  4. The customer needs to open their MobilePay app, and scan the QR code to accept the amount.
    The payment is initialized.
    When the sale is complete, the POS ends the sale with the Payment Type being MobilePay EFT.
  5. Open Business Central, and navigate to the POS Entry List to see the transaction details if needed.

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