NP Power BI for Retail

The Power BI Retail Report is an exceptionally useful tool for analyzing sales through multidimensional views and gaining a detailed insight into business performance at the right point in time. Some of its capabilities and benefits are listed below:

  • Enables tracking sales and sold items through different time frames, as well as the most important segments of business, such as customers, vendors, stores, and salespersons.
  • Enables tracking the stock level per item category and items over a period of time.
  • Enables monitoring of the starting and ending quantity of stocks, and the cumulative change per document type.
  • Suitable for all decision-making levels.
  • Provides a quality set of information with multidimensional views.
  • Excellent for spotting crucial points and events in time.
  • Incites reactions based on the optimal set of data to keep business on the rising path.
  • Visually divides productive from non-productive business elements and units.
  • Analyzes sold items through vendors and marking vendors that provide you with top-selling products.

Furthermore, you can get an overview of:

  • Item quantities per warehouse location.

  • The realized margin and gross profit per each item and item quantity, store, and so on.

  • The most and the least productive units, stores, and resources.

  • Transactions on the POS.