Business Intelligence (BI)

Business Intelligence is a set of technologies and tools that help companies to perform in-depth analyses of the most important business segments and consequently to bring the right decision. Six key areas that can benefit from using BI reports are:

  • Customer experience
  • Sales and marketing
  • Operations
  • Finance
  • Inventory Control
  • Security and compliance

According to Gartner, Microsoft was recognized as the magic quadrant leader in the domain of Business Intelligence and Analytics in March 2022. The rapid development of new functionalities and the improvement of customer experience verified that choosing Microsoft tools is a prerequisite for building high-quality solutions for our customers.

Once you become familiar with using this tool, Power BI will become your best friend for reporting. It is very easy to use, intuitive, and supportive of all decision-making levels. If you have the right information at the right time, you will be able to come to a good decision. Along the way, it will help you keep your business on the rising path by enabling you to separate productive from non-productive e.g., units, items, and resources, and increase the efficiency of operational processes.

Power BI can be easily integrated with your ERP Business Central application. It provides the possibility to connect to more than 100 different data sources. You will be able to export your reports to Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, or send them via email within your organization. Also, you will be able to create event alerts based on the previously defined criteria.

Size of data storage can vary from 10GB:100TB:400TB, and per model 1GB:100GB:400GB in relation to the Power BI different license types: Pro, Premium, or Per Capacity, respectively. The tabular vertipak memory engine that provides compressed memory on the column level is responsible for excellent potential in working with a huge volume of data.

Three types of data refreshing / accessing data support:

  • The import mode where data can be refreshed automatically 8 or 48 times per day depending on license types of Pro or Premium respectively.
  • Direct Query which returns live data directly from your source.
  • The hybrid model combines the previous two.

For shops that use a device for counting the number of visitors, it is possible to connect your report to Azure Data Streaming and analyze data that is received in real-time or even store it in a database.

Possibilities are countless, which gives us the freedom to create solutions that meet customers’ needs.

Report variant pricing

The following table contains the pricing options for all available report variants:


You can also download a more detailed Pricing and Packaging overview.