NP Power BI for Attraction

The Power BI Attraction Report is created as a tool for analyzing business operations related to the provided services, for instance, for organizing cultural events, exhibitions, performances, and amusement activities. Therefore, this strictly specialized report is ideal for museums, theaters, cinemas, amusement parks, and other institutions whose operating income is generated from selling tickets and memberships.

Some of the topics covered by this report are:

  • Tracking sold tickets and realized visits through different time intervals.
  • Analyzing realized visits per ticket type, item category, and item.
  • Monitoring the busiest period of the day or the week per visit.
  • Tracking status of members as new, renewed, expired and updated through different time intervals.
  • Showing active memberships per membership type in the previous and incoming period.
  • The efficiency of employees in selling tickets.
  • The number of sold tickets per customer and membership type.
  • The number of transactions per transaction type, item, and membership.