Fiscalization compliance - Sweden

Sweden passed a Legislation on 1 January 2010 requiring anyone who sells goods and services in return for payments by card or cash to use a certified cash register.

CleanCash® is Retail Innovation’s fiscal control module for certified POS units in the Swedish and Belgian markets. Therefore, all POS solutions need to have their registers certified.

The following CleanCash® types exist:

  • CleanCash® Type A entails that each POS unit has its own controller. The market leader has opted for this type.
  • CleanCash® Multiuser is a control unit that can manage multiple funds or companies.

There are over 80,000 CleanCash® units installed by the end users. The POS unit sends information about each receipt to CleanCash® which encrypts and stores the information in an internal database.

After the encryption is completed, a control code that is sent back to the POS unit is generated. This control code is then printed on the receipt and stored on a fund control strip or a log memory fund. A cash linked to CleanCash® control units have the ability to print the Tax Agency’s control code on each receipt. The control code demonstrates to the customer that the receipt is properly handled and the trader has a distinguishing status.

NP Retail has developed an interface with CleanCash® so that our clients in Sweden have POS units compliant with the regulations and the legislation in place, by having the link to a certified controller.