Slovenian fiscalization overview

Our solution is compliant with Slovenian fiscal law, which means that the fiscalization is carried out in real time – transactions are sent to the Tax Authority via an XML message at the moment of printing the fiscal bill. Fiscalized transactions will get the signature from TA, that will be written on the fiscal receipt, and all transactions and signatures will be stored in Business Central.

As Slovenian fiscal law dictates, customers will receive fiscalized receipts at the moment of their purchase. A fiscal receipt contains all mandatory data that is defined by the Slovenian fiscal law, and Euro is the valid currency.

Every transaction can be carried out with the payment methods that are defined by the fiscal law.

The following processes and entities are supported:

  • Sale
  • Vouchers
  • Discounts
  • Returns
  • Cancellation
  • Multiple payment methods for a single transaction
  • Sale and return in a single transaction
  • Receipt copies
  • POS out-of-order handling