Set up fiscalization compliance - Serbia

This article details how to configure NP Retail for compliance with Serbian fiscal laws.

  1. Go to the POS Audit Profiles page, and create a new audit profile that you will use for all POS units.

  2. Activate the Audit Log Enabled toggle switch for the created audit profile, and set the Fill Sale Fiscal No. On to Successful Sales, then select RS_FISKALIZACIJA as the Audit Handler.

  3. Navigate to RS Tax Fiscalisation Setup, and enable RS Fiscalisation.

  4. Provide the Configuration URL, and click Fill SUF Configuration to add the official date for the API.

  5. Navigate to POS Unit Mapping, and create a separate record for each POS unit you have.
    For each POS unit you need to specify the Sandbox Token, Sandbox JID and Sandbox PIN (this information is received once the registration with the TA is complete).

  6. Set up the payment method mappings in POS Payment Method Mapping, and create an entry for each payment method.
    The supported payment methods are:

    • Cash
    • Mobile Money
    • Card
    • Voucher
    • Wire transfer
    • And several others
  7. Open VAT Posting Setup Mapping, and create an entry for each combination of the VAT product and VAT business posting groups.