Set up fiscalization compliance - Italy

The Italian fiscalization is based on the POS system integration with the fiscal printer (RT device) that communicates with the TA (tax authority) and generates printouts for various processes such as:

  • Sales
  • Voucher handling
  • Discounts
  • Return
  • Cancellation
  • Invoice
  • Cash-in/Cash-out
  • Reports (X report, Z report and EJ report)
  • Receipt copy
  • Lottery handling

To configure NP Retail for compliance with Italian fiscal laws, follow the provided steps:

  1. Navigate to the IT Tax Fiscalization Setup page, and enable the fiscalization via the toggle switch.
  2. Open the POS Audit Profiles administrative section, enable the audit log, and set the Audit Handler to IT_ENTRATE.
  3. Make sure this audit profile is set for all POS units from the POS Unit List that need to be compliant with Italian fiscalization laws.
  4. Move on to the IT POS Mapping page, and enter the Fiscal Printer IP address for the POS unit connected to the printer, and set the Fiscal Printer Rounding Type to Standard Rounding.
    The Fiscal Printer RT Type and Fiscal Printer Serial No. fields are populated after the RT Printer Type and RT Serial No. are executed from the POS.