Set up fiscalization compliance - Denmark

Follow the provided steps to set up fiscalization compliance with Danish fiscal laws:

  1. Go to POS Audit Profiles page, enable the audit log, and set the Audit Handler to DK_SKAT.
    Make sure this audit profile is set for all POS units in the POS Unit List
  2. Open the DK Fiscalization Setup page, and enable the fiscalization compliance with Denmark by activating the Enable DK Fiscalisation toggle switch.
  3. Request a self-signed certificate from NaviPartner, with a proper algorithm that caters to the specific customer’s needs.
  4. Provide the Certificate Password in the designated field located in the Sign Certificate panel, then upload the certificate received from NaviPartner via the Upload Certificate action in the ribbon.
  5. In the SAFTCash panel, populate the fields used for forming the request for additional information for exporting an XML file to a SAF-T Cash Register.
    The SAF-T Contact No. field should correspond to the number of the contact/employee.