AT POS Audit Log (Austrian fiscalization)

All transaction data tied to POS compliant with the Austrian fiscalization laws is recorded in the AT POS Audit Log Aux. Info administrative section.


The following information can be learned from this table:

Field NameDescription
Audit Entry TypeSpecifies whether the transaction is related to the POS entry or the cash register. Cash register transactions are connected to the initialization or decommission of the POS unit.
AT Organization CodeSpecifies the code pertaining to the cash register registered with Fiskaly.
AT SCU CodeSpecifies the information pertaining to the SCU created for the given POS unit from Fiskaly.
AT SCU ID and AT Cash Register IDProvides identification for the POS clients created with Fiskaly.
AT Cash Register Serial NumberSpecifies the unique serial number related to the registered Fiskaly client.
Receipt TypeSpecifies the status of the receipt (transaction), e.g. normal, cancelation, training, initialization, decommission, yearly_close, monthly_close, signature_creation_unit_fault_clearence.
HintsSpecifies the receipt type information that Fiskaly provides, and that is printed on the receipt.
FON Receipt Validation StatusSpecifies whether the transaction validation from FON was successful or not.
Receipt NumberSpecifies the receipt number generated per each POS unit (AT cash register).