Ticket Statistics Matrix

The following fields and options are available in the Ticket Statistics Matrix administrative section:

Field NameDescription
Show as LinesSpecifies which fields are displayed in the row.
Show as ColumnsSpecifies which fields are displayed in the column.
Fact Name As Column HeadingDisplay a name in the column instead of a code.
Hide Lines having Zero AdmittedHide Lines with no admittance.
Admission Count Def.Specifies how the admission is counted. There are three options: Admitted Count - the unique admissions (ticket scans) per day are summed; Admitted Count with Revoked - when a ticket that has a registered admission is revoked (with the actual ticket number scanned in the reversal process, or the sales receipt number used in a return sales scenario), the related admissions are also reversed; Admitted Count incl. Revisits - a ticket may allow multiple scans during the same admission date (this field sums the non-unique ticket scans).
Show Value AsSpecifies how the admission count value in the matrix is displayed.
View BySpecifies how the matrix is viewed.
Trend Period TypeSpecifies the trend period type.
Item No.Specifies the ticket item number.
Ticket TypeSpecifies the ticket type specified on the item.
Admission DateSpecifies the date when the admission was recorded.
Admission HourSpecifies the time when the admission was recorded.
Admission CodeSpecifies the ticket admission code.
Variant CodeSpecifies the item variant code.

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