Create postpaid tickets

Postpaid tickets behave in much the same way as prepaid tickets. Postpaid tickets are intended for situations when the ticket reseller can’t commit to all tickets in the batch. In this case, the reseller should receive the invoice for the redeemed tickets.

To create them, follow the provided steps:

  1. Click the Lightbulb button, enter Ticket BOM, and choose the related link.

  2. Place the cursor on the item number line you wish to create tickets for, and click the ribbon action Create Tickets, followed by Create Postpaid Tickets.

  3. Enter the following information:

    • Customer No.
    • External Order No.
    • Scheduled Date/Time
    • Quantity
  4. When all lines are correctly populated (not red), click OK.

  5. If the tickets need to be distributed to a third party, you can export the generated tickets to Excel.

At some point, the customer will arrive with one of the tickets, and the ticket is scanned.

Next steps

Handle redeemed tickets

Postpaid tickets are invoiced to the distributor after the ticket has been redeemed. Follow the provided steps to correctly handle them:

  1. Click the Lightbulb button, enter Ticket Request, and choose the related link.
  2. Click Process in the ribbon, and then Create Offline Admissions.
    A confirmation popup is displayed.
  3. Click Yes to process the sales invoice.

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