Admission statistics

In the attraction industry, customers require statistics for analysis. There are two types of statistics:

  • Quick Statistics provide “today’s numbers”, which can be accessed from the POS.
  • Ticket Access Statistics Matrix provides flexible multidimensional access statistics page available in Business Central.

Quick Statistics

This method makes use of a flow field in the Admission Schedule Entry to quickly calculate the number of admissions. However, if a ticket is used, and then revoked, it will be excluded from the admitted count. This method is primarily used for calculating the capacity limit, and a cancelled ticket would require the ticket-holder to depart from the location.

The Action Code used on the POS to set up the Quick Statistics button is TM_TICKETMGMT_3 and Function Admission Count. The Admission Code needs to contain information about the quick statistics it is needed for.

Ticket Access Statistics Matrix

This method is more precise, but since it aggregates the admissions, it doesn’t instantly provide the admissions of the current day. For example, a revoked ticket is counted as a valid admission even though it has been cancelled. This is due to it still being a valid admission that has been recorded in the system. The aggregated data will not change over time as opposed to how the flow filter works, which creates a new sum every time it is executed.

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