Membership web services

The following membership web services are available for creating, editing, blocking, and performing other actions via API in regards to memberships.

Setting up memberships

The following web services can be used for creating memberships and members, updating the member information, and temporarily blocking the memberships from usage, if needed.

Web ServiceDescription
CreateMembershipCreates an empty membership using a sales item from the membership sales setup table.
AddMembershipMemberAdds members to an existing membership.
UpdateMemberUpdates an existing member.
UpdateMemberImagesUpdates an existing member’s pictures.
BlockMembershipBlocks an existing membership.

Querying memberships and members

The following web services can be used for the retrieval of membership and member information:

Web ServiceDescription
GetMembershipSearches for and retrieves information about a membership.
GetMembershipMembersSearches for and retrieves a member connected to a specified membership.
GetMemberImageRetrieves the image of a specified member.
MembershipValidationChecks if a membership is active.
MemberValidationChecks if a member is blocked, and if a membership is active.
MemberCardNumberValidationChecks if a member card is valid, and if a membership is active.
MemberEmailExistsChecks if an email address has been used on an already existing and active member.

Managing the membership product and duration

You can alter memberships’ validity via web services.

Web ServiceDescription
GetMembershipChangeItemsListRetrieves a list of items that can be used to alter a membership. The membership time frame and price are calculated in the context of the active membership.
ChangeMembershipModifies the membership as described by the item selected from the GetMembershipChangeItemsList web service.

Tickets and registering member integration

Members and tickets are integrated. It’s possible to define guest tickets for members.

Web ServiceDescription
GetMembershipTicketListReturns a list of valid ticket items that the member can choose from to accommodate a self-service check-in for themselves, including guests. This is a two-step process - the second half (registering the ticket and the arrival) is provided by the ticket management web service.
MemberCardRegisterArrivalUsed for handling self-service scanning of the member card number, and allowing member entry. This process consists of a single step.
MemberRegisterArrivalUsed for handling self-service scanning of the member number, and allowing members to enter the venue. This process consists of a single step.

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