Member community

Member community is the top level in the setup of members and memberships. It represents a club or an association that is marketing the memberships. The following fields and options are available in the Member Community administrative section:

Field NameDescription
CodeSpecifies the code that is used for linking this community with other tables.
DescriptionSpecifies the description of this community.
External No. Search OrderThis option is used to define what search term should be used to remove any chance of ambiguity. The following options are available: Card, Member, Membership, All.
External Membership No. SeriesSpecifies the number series used for generating the external membership identity.
Member Unique IdentitySpecifies the member value that needs to be used to uniquely identify a member. The following options are available: E-Mail, Phone No., Social Security No., E-Mail and Phone No., and E-Mail or Phone No.
Create Member UI ViolationYou can select how the system will react when a unique member identity is somehow violated. The following options are available: Error - an error is displayed; Confirm - a confirmation question is issued to challenge the provided value; and Reuse - an old member is blocked, and the new one is created instead.
Member Logon CredentialsSpecifies which term is used for logon credentials when a third-party member management software is used. The following options are available: Not Applicable, Member Unique Identity, External Member ID, and Member Selected.
Membership to Cust. Rel.If checked, when you create a new membership, a customer who is associated with it is also created automatically. Afterwards, various discounts can be provided to that customer via the membership.
Create Renewal NotificationIf enabled, a notification will be created when membership requires renewal.
Member Default Country CodeSpecifies the country code associated with the member.
Activate Loyalty ProgramIf enabled, the loyalty program will be activated.
Foreign MembershipIf enabled, some specific conditions regarding foreign members will be applied.

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