Azure member registration setup (reference guide)

The following fields and options are available in the in the Azure Member Registration Setup administrative section:

Field NameDescription
CodeSpecifies the code for the setup.
DescriptionSpecifies the description accompanying the established setup.
Azure Storage Account NameSpecifies the existing Azure storage account name.
Queue NameSpecifies the name for the job queue which is used for synchronizing the data in Business Central when a member registers via the member registration URL.
EnabledSpecifies whether the applied configuration is enabled or not.
Member Registration URLSpecifies the URL value the user device will be redirected to for member registration.
Terms of Service URL Store Voucher PrintsSpecifies the URL that brings up the terms of service.
E-mail TemplateSpecifies the template used for sending a welcome email to new members.
SMS TemplateSpecifies the template used for sending a welcome SMS to new members.
Allow Anonymous WalletSpecifies if the wallet is going to be included in the welcome notification.
Enable DequeuingSpecifies whether the dequeuing process is initiated or not.
Dequeue Batch SizeSpecifies the size of the dequeued batch.
Dequeue Until EmptySpecifies whether the batch is dequeued until emptied out or not.

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