Navigation and reports

All points for customers can be followed from the Membership Card. In the Points tab of the Membership Card you can see the awarded points (sale and refund), redeemed points, expired points, and remaining points:


If there is need for more details, all these fields are flow fields, and with a drop it is possible to see all membership point entries from which these points are created.

For example, if we drop in Awarded Points (Sales) – 7619, we will see the following entries:


There are three reports created in NP Retail for tracking points:

  • Membership Points Summary – this report should be used to show points by a membership/customer number. In this report you can see the awarded, redeemed, expired, and remaining points:


  • Membership Points Value – this report is used for checking the value of points available per a customer/membership number.


  • Membership Points Detail – this report is used if you need to see all point movements per a member.


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