Apply voucher on an item from web store

Once you’ve received a voucher, you can use the discount it provides in the web store, or even get an item for free if it costs less than the amount the voucher provides.


  • Make sure you’ve created a voucher in Magento Webadmin, and added it to the main menu of the web store.
  • The voucher should be purchased or gifted to a customer, so they can apply the discount they provide on sales.

Procedure in the web store

  1. Select any product on the web store.

  2. Add the product to the cart, and proceed to the checkout.

  3. Provide billing information, and select the payment method.
    If you’re paying with card, you also need to provide credit card details before purchasing the voucher.

  4. Apply the voucher reference number in the Apply Voucher Code field, and click Apply Voucher.

  5. Click Place Order.

Procedure in Business Central

  1. Click the Lightbulb button, enter Sales Orders, and choose the related link.
  2. Post the sales order you’ve created.
    You can find the voucher in the Archived Vouchers administrative section, since it’s been closed.

Additional instructions

Set up partial payment with vouchers

If the voucher amount is higher than the item price, it’s recommended to perform additional setup to ensure that the voucher is used up only partially. Follow the provided steps to set this up:

Procedure in Business Central

  1. Click the Lightbulb button, enter Vouchers, and choose the related link.
    The list of vouchers is displayed.
  2. Find the voucher you’ve previously created, and open its Retail Voucher Card.
  3. In the Apply Payment panel change Apply Payment Module from DEFAULT to Partial.

Procedure in Magento Webadmin

  1. Log into Magento Webadmin.
  2. Click NaviPartner > Settings > Voucher.
  3. Scroll down to the BC Setup section, and enter a Creation Type Code (e.g. CreditVoucher), then click Save Config.
  4. (Optional) Clear the cache to make all the changes visible instantly.

Procedure in Business Central

  1. Click the Lightbulb button, enter Magento Setup, and choose the related link.
    Magento-related options are displayed.
  2. Scroll down to the Order Import panel and enable Post Retail Vouchers.

Procedure in the web store

  1. In the web store, open the voucher from the main menu.

  2. Provide all the necessary information, including the email address you wish the voucher to be sent to.

  3. Add the voucher to cart, go to checkout, and provide the billing and payment details.

  4. Click Place Order and wait for the sales order to be processed.

  5. Once the order has been placed, note your order number, and copy it.
    A confirmation email is also sent to the email address you’ve provided in the previous steps.

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